ActionConnector Magic Cookbook Offer

Automate or Eliminate Repetitive Event Response Tasks

As a sample of our services, SEMplicity is offering a complimentary ActionConnector Magic Cookbook, and the code framework, to create your own ArcSight ActionConnector.

ActionConnectors can:

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Esure your event response is handled correctly
  • Remove unnecessary events from the main channel
  • Free your Analysts to do more hunting and less repetitive pecking

Download ActionConnector Magic today. Start automating repetitive tasks so your team can spend more time pursuing the real network threat events.


As one a leading ArcSight service provider, SEMplicity specializes in helping detect and remediate intrusions before they become breaches, keeping ArcSight clients out of the headlines and data away from the underground economy. Contact us or visit our new blog, ArcSight Insight, for more information on ActionConnector Magic.

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