Consulting Services

SEMplicity ArcSight SIEM Consulting Services

At SEMplicity, our greatest resource is our people. While we guarantee that all of our consultants have extensive ArcSight SIEM expertise, we also ensure all of our consultants have the mentoring skills necessary to help our clients achieve long-term success. We pride ourselves on understanding what management actually needs, and how to deliver it on-time, on-budget, and with no drama.

The heart of our consulting practice is placing our people in long-term, full-time engagements, either on-site, remote or in some combination of the two. Our clients do not just derive excellent engineering, programming, diagnostic and problem-solving skills, but also benefit from knowledge-transfer between our consultants and in-house personnel. Having seen so many ArcSight implementations, our consultants are uniquely positioned to advise you on what tactics will be successful in your unique environment. For clients who do not need full-time dedicated consultants, we also offer shared consulting resources as part of our subscription services.

Below is a summary of the types of personnel we have available:

Job Title Tasks
Architect Help define business and regulatory requirements, define ArcSight implementation and major expansion projects, research log sources and collection methods, document architecture, define Logger pools and manage complex engagements
Senior Engineer Diagnose complex problems (usually related to log collection or ESM performance), remediate significant technical issues, develop programmatic interfaces to external components, enable high-availability and network-attached storage, implement automation and advanced metrics, design and develop advanced ESM content, write complex ArcSight FlexConnectors, onboard vulnerability scanning and complex network models, develop SOC standard operating procedures
Junior Engineers Install/configure/maintain all ArcSight ESM components, onboard log sources, develop ArcSight FlexConnectors, define network models, install and configure Compliance Insight Packages, develop ArcSight ESM content, troubleshoot common log collection and ESM problems
Analysts (Level 1 or 2) React to ArcSight alerts on the main channel. Follow company standard operating procedures in alert handling. Research events, diagnose false positives, escalate events, refer events, attach events to cases, etc

Contact us to discuss your consulting needs and we can match you with one of our ArcSight SIEM experts.