Subscription Services

Subscription Services – Expert Help Made Affordable

To provide the maximum value, your Micro Focus ArcSight SIEM solution requires maintenance and updates. New log sources need onboarding, while SmartConnectors, ArcSight Loggers and the ArcSight ESM all require periodic upgrades and tuning based on changing event volumes. Your ArcSight ESM needs to be continually consuming new threat intelligence, and your content must keep pace with the threat landscape. In addition, inevitable problems and outages within ArcSight’s multi-layer architecture, most often involving log flow disruption, require immediate diagnosis and remediation.

SEMplicity’s subscription services are designed to give you exactly the services you need, at your specified intervals, without overpaying for services or personnel you don’t need. This means continuity and cost-certainty — all while assuring that your ArcSight SIEM deployment is optimized and up-to-date. SEMplicity offers:

Managed Infrastructure Services: Our Managed Infrastructure subscription service provides expert resources, for a set number of hours each month, to perform maintenance, monitoring, content and onboarding tasks to optimize your ArcSight implementation and detect current threats.

Infrastructure Monitoring: This service provides you with SEMplicity’s proprietary infrastructure monitoring content and access to our on-call monitoring response team to diagnose and fix problems as they occur.

Threat Protection Content: Our monthly threat content subscription delivers correlation rules, queries, dashboards, trends, lists and reports designed to detect and report upon the latest emerging threats to your organization. This subscription ensures that your ArcSight stays in optimal shape to react to the ever-evolving threats.

With several different types of ArcSight subscription services, you can choose the monthly services you need and receive right-sized solutions that fit your needs and your budget.